Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This week's picks : Neil Young, Sigur Rós, Rachmaninov

Hi, sorry for updaing so late, but Internet is out of work at home and I can only post at the office during lunch breaks. So I'll update it from time to time.

No "album of the week", but three records I have heard. 2 are old relatives, one is a first listen.

Neil Young - Harvest (1972)

I first heard this one in 1988, or 87 (I was 17 or 18) when my friend Noel came back from Frisco with a pile of LPs, including this one and After The Goldrush. They are my two favorite NY albums, depending on the times : in my top 200 Harvest is ahead at the moment, but it may change...
I guess I fell in love at first listen. Harvest is an easy album, everybody can appreciate it, you don't need any knowledge or experience for that. I guess that's why some people don't like it, but I'll have to call that snobbism.

Instead of playing Heart Of Gold for the 100th time, I picked the title track, almost a traditional country number.

Neil Young - Harvest (buy)

For French speakers, here is an article in Telerama

Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008)

Yes, I know... That means "With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly". Tagged as "postrock" (which is nothing more than contemporary progressive rock), this fascinating Icelandic group is still well and alive with this 5th regular album studio, sounding as eerie as possible. They're progressive without being pretentious, and their music has this kind of organic feel and that ability to suspend time when you're listening to it. I don't know, but I find them more friendly than, say, Radiohead...
Sigur Rós - Festival (buy)

Rachmaninov /Andsnes/ Pappano : Piano Concertos 1 & 2

In France, Rachmaninov's piano concerto 1 is very famous because the first movement was the soundtrack of a TV show about books called "Apostrophes", that I watched when a was a teenager. Concerto nb 2 is more acclaimed, and it is beautiful from beginning to end. 2nd movemet is well-knowned because Eric Carmen stole the theme for his hit, "All By Myself". I think that Rachmaninov is indeed very close to pop music. I don't know why. And Ansnes is a great pianist, very sensitive, never showing off technically.
This is one of my favorite pieces of classical music. Unfortunately I didn't find the Ansnes version on Deezer, but this one by Nikolai Lugansky is excellent too.


Guillaume Coullondre said...

Je me dis, tiens faut je réécoute sigur ros, la première fois , j'ai pas trop compris ou senti.
Et je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je me fous avant un N. Young dans les oreilles (unplugged), pour changer, et association d'idée biensur et ordinateur pas loin, je vais voir ce qu'il raconte le Lejeune...

On doit être un peu connecté qd même car ton sujet de la semaine ressemble à mon dilemme de ce soir (excepté ton pd suédois qui joue du rachmaninov).

Femi, ça donne envie de l'écouter.

Alors pour sigur ros, j'ai pris les deux donc avant derniers albums à la biblio et...faut que je réécoute donc.

A u fait j'attends encore que tu te justifie de l'absence de Bashung dans tes classements. Alain Bashung, tu sais...

La bise surtout.


Nicolas Lejeune said...

Ca c'est drôle en effet
A propos de Bashung, comment dire...
Je l'aime beaucoup mais en fait y a aucun de ses albums que j'aime écouter d'un bout à l'autre

Alors pour corriger je devrais aussi faire une liste de mes artistes préférés et il sera sans doute dans les 30 premiers.