Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The River's Getting Dry

Dear readers,

I don't know how to say it but I'm getting a bit tired, abit lazy, a bit ditracted, and this blog hasn't been active for a few weeks now.

Lack of inspiration ? Weak feedback compared to the amount of work provided ? Too much time spent on my computer ? Need to take a new life turn, to be more open to real people, find a better job, try to make more music ? Yes, all these things, and a lot more.

I'm working on other musical projects, like building a big anthology of french chanson and pop since 1945. I'll probably open a new blog about that.

So I'm gonna make a break. Will it be goodbye or farewell ? Well, goodbye only.

In fact I don't know. Maybe I will come back tomorrow, maybe in a month, maybe never. I want to break the one post per week routine.

Anyway, I'll still be posting on Groover's Paradise (in English), and L'Appel de la rivière (French).

Untill then here's a great song by one of my favorite French singers, Henri Salvador.

Anyway, if it's my last post, I want to thank you all for your presence, (too rare) comments and faithfullness.

Henri Salvador - Dans mon île (buy) (1958)