Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shuffle 2

Another shuffle ? I love this game. All you have to do is play "shuffle" or "random" or whatever on your Ipod or computer library. And hear what comes out.

So, what do we have here ?

  • Cannon's Jug Stompers - Viola Lee Blues (1928) : funny, because one the last tracks I posted was a Gus Cannon track.

  • King Crimson - 21st Century Man Including Mirrors (1969)

  • Billy Young - Have Pity On Me (1966) : this one 's from the Chess soul compilation I told you about in a previous post.

  • Martin Stephenson & the Daintees - Running Water (1986) : who remembers Martin Stephenson ? This British songwriter from the Newcastle area made good albums at the end of the eighties in a folk-pop style. His album Boat to Bolivia is my favorite record of 1986.

  • Gram Parsons - A Song For You (1973) : I discovered GP in the nineties; at that time I was already well into country and bluegrass, and I didn't think that much of it, despite its cult status. Now it has grown on me, and that song is one of my favorites
    Gram Parsons - A Song For You (buy)

  • Johnny Young - My Baby Walked Out On Me in 1944 (1948)

  • Bob Dylan - Man In The Long Black Coat (1989)

  • Derek & The Dominos - Have You Ever Loved A Woman ? (1970)

  • Woody Guthrie - Vigilante Man (1940) : I discovered this track on a 1988 tribute album to Woody and Leadbelly called Folkways : A Vision Shared. That song was covered by the Boss in a bluesy style, but the original is way better. It was part of a collection of songs called Dust Bowl Ballads and released in 1940 in a box set of 78RPM records; that makes it on of the first albums of country and folk music.
    Woody Guthrie - Vigilante Man (buy)

  • Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat (1971)

  • I only picked 2 tracks out of this playlist. Is there a song you love in this list and that you would like to hear ? Don't hesitate to tell me in the comments section and I'll see what I can do (e.g. I'll post it at the end of the week)

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