Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where the river splits


Today I created a new blog, L'Appel de la rivière, all in French.

This blog will be English only from now on.

I guess it will be more readable this way for everybody.

I would like to thank Paul, who runs Setting The Woods On Fire, for the suggestion.

So now, you'll have to choose between the Mississippi River and the Seine. You're still welcome at both blogs, though !

As far as my limited time will allow, I 'll try to post the same material on both sites : songs and texts. I'll do as I did before : I'll start a post in English or French on either site, and then do the translation (which will be shortened if I'm short in time) on the other.

So have fun, and don't forget to leave your comments. What do you think of this change ?

Salut, désormais ce blog sera uniquement en Anglais, mais rendez-vous sur L'Appel de la rivière pour retrouver ce blog en VF


Paul said...

Wow! I didn't expect you to actually take my crazy suggestion. Good luck!

Nicolas L said...

No, that's a good one.
I thought about it in the beginning but I thought it would be too much work but in fact it's OK

drixe said...

That's nice, allthought I like to read english, I'll switch to the french one.