Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sounds Of the South (4) : American Folk Songs For Children

Almeda Riddle - My Little Rooster (1959)

In my modest opinion, the fourth disc in the box set Sounds Of The South is musically speaking the least interesting, although it has an undeniable documentary value.
Most of the performers were already present on the previous cds, but there are newcomers like Almeda Riddle (photo above), an unacompanied folk singer from Arkansas who sings 5 old nursery rhymes in a traditional way.
Among them "My little Rooster", "Frog Went a-Courting" or "Go Tell Aunt Nancy", a song that French singer Dick Annegarn adapted in 1999.

There are also a few bluegrass songs, blues by Fred McDowell or harmonica player Forrest City Joe. But my favorite one is by Bessie Jones and was recorded in the Georgia Sea Islands.

Bessie Jones & Group - Johnny Cuckoo (1959)

You'll notice, of course, the difference in singing between both performers.

And there is one more by the wonderful Estil C. Ball, here with his wife Orna fo a delicious "Paper of Pins" that I uncluded here in a post I made for Star Maker Machine about questions and marriage.

Now, the surprise. I don't do that usually but here I'll post the whole box set, given that it is out of print.

Sorry, all I have is a file and not the physical box set, so I can't give you any photos or liner notes. You may find the covers at Amazon.

DOWNLOAD HERE the full Disc 1 of Sounds Of The South : Sounds of the South - Blue Ridge mountain Music (97MB)

HERE Sounds Of The South Disc 2 : Roots of The Blues - The Blues Roll On (97MB)

HERE Sounds Of The South Disc 3 : Negro Church Music - White Spirituals (92MB)

HERE Sounds Of The South Disc 4 : American Folk Songs For Children (92MB)


gadaya said...

Thank you very much for this Nicolas, but it would be great also to show pictures of the box-set himself and eventually the liner notes in it...Est-ce trop demander? merci en tout cas pour partager ces merveilleuses musiques...Gadaya

Berni said...

Merci beaucoup!!!

boyhowdy said...

Way out of print, though I was happy to snag a copy from the public library a few years ago.

Agreed that the fourth disk is the weakest; pity, given that there was such opportunity there for my own children, and others. But then, perhaps the conceit of "music for kids" has changed more, over the time frame, than the range of possibility for adults?

Nicolas said...

Gadaya and others

I'm deeply sorry but all i have is a file, I don't own the box set physically

So that's why I can't display any pictures and documents.

I'm still looking for them as well...

Nicolas said...


That's it. i wanted to say that this record sounded more dated than the others, but it sounded weird in a site about 50-year old or more music !
But I think our children (especially the very young) could appreciate Almeda Riddle's farm songs. My 5 y old daughter loves Georges Brassens' songs from 1953 !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.

I tried to download disc 3, but the link is bad/expired.

Any chance of getting a new link?

Thanks again.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful music, thank you so much for the upload. If anyone else is searching for disc 3 now that this link has gone bad, you might try

Anonymous said...

Disc 3

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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