Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Discography : Country 1927-42 (Fremeaux & Associes)

Sam Mc Gee - Railroad Blues (buy) (1928)

My discography of roots music is expanding week by week. Recent additions include this great compilation from Frémeaux & Associés, an excellent French label devoted to traditional music and audio books. They've got a huge collection of blues, country, early jazz and world music compilations with liner notes in French and English.

This double Cd is a good introduction to prewar country music. Every subgenre is featured, from old Appalachian folk (a lot of songs in common with the Harry smith anthology) to hillbilly blues (Sam McGee, Jimmie Rodgers), old-time (Carter Family, Monroe Brothers), cowboy ballads and Western swing (Bob Wills, Milton Brown), and the first country stars (Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb).
Liner notes are by French scholar Gérard Herzhaft.

Check out here the tracklist and the AMG review.

Highlights include this immortal classic by the Carter Family

Carter Family - Wildwood Flower (buy) (1928)

Please don't hesitate to tell me which artist or album you would like to hear or you think is absent from my discography and deserves an entry. I'll be glad to post about them if I like them. Paul already suggested George Jones, an artist I'm not very familiar with. I just received a GJ compilation and I'll soon be posting about him. So I'm waiting for your suggestions.
Please note that only folk, blues and country artists in the broad sense are accepted. Prewar jazz and pre-1954 R&B are also accepted, along with Tejano, Cajun or other forms of American folk music.
I'm counting on you all !

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