Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Indians play the blues

Pura Fé (photo), a great singer, songwriter and guitar player, is a descendant of Tuscarora nation by her mother. I discovered her music through Music Maker Relief Foundation's first compilation, The Last and Lost Blues Survivors (which seems to be available in France but not in the US now). Her albums are worth checking out, she looks like a nice woman (and I've got the same guitar as her ).

Pura Fé - Rise Up Tuscarora Nation (buy) (2004)

Coincidentally, French label Dixiefrog just issued a 3 CD compilation called Indian Rezervation : Blues and more. This box set, assembled by ... Pura Fé, features contemporary Indian musicians.

Ricky Gonzales, French blogger and radio DJ podcasted 2 of his shows about Indians and the blues (coincidence !!)on his blog Surfinbird, featuring songs from the box set and by other famous Native American songwriters. Comments and announcements are in French but the music is awesome ! You HAVE to check them out :

Surfinbird # 88 : Indian Rezervation Blues & More

Surfinbird # 92 : Indian Rezervation Blues & More 2

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