Friday, January 15, 2010

Song for Haïti

Grupo Vocal Desandann - Guédé Nibo (buy) (1999)

Sometimes I'm just fed up with news images. Especially when such a tragedy hits. You get saturated by pictures and videos on TV, in the web, in your papers...

It really looks like, as Rev Gary Davis used to sing, death don't have no mercy in this land.

This beautiful song by a vocal ensemble of Haitian singers from Cuba (there's a huge Haitian community there) is dedicated to the day of the dead, on november 1st. Guédé Nibo is a spirit of death, but also of sexuality. Both ends of life.

So please listen to that song and give to your favorite nongovernmental organization; but the worst part of that tragedy is that it seems to be very difficult for medical or food supplies to reach their final destination - the people.

Thoughts to two of my friends, David and Aravena, who are still trying to get in touch with their families back there.

David has posted a link to this site on his Facebook page. If you're looking for friends and relatives in Haiti you can contact the site and leave a short message with youre-mail and the names, status and contact info at

You can also go the CICR site here if you're looking for news of friends and relatives.

You can also join this Facebook group called Together for Haiti, where you can send donations and be informed on the situation.

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